Malia is a delight to be around, a girl who loves fantasy yet is so easy to connect with like you have known her forever. She loves reading and swimming, is an exceptional math kid and doesn’t fail to impress anyone with her sweet, genuine smile and intellectual.

During Malia’s photo session designing and planning phase we quickly decided that it has to showcase her love for swimming, books and fantasy. To do total justice to everything we wanted to achieve for her senior year through photography, we decided to do 2 separate photo sessions, one in summer and one in fall. For her summer session we focused on water and it couldn’t have been better!

We started at a waterfall to create the fantasy world. Malia picked a perfect dress for this session and my creative muse, Rosa Ainley made an amazing head piece to complement the look. It also helped that she is insanely beautiful and so fun!

It was a joy watching her transform into a beautiful, confident, mermaid. Her eyes sparkled and her smile lit up my heart. I enjoyed the shoot just as much as she did! Check out these amazing images we created together.

Malia is deeply rooted in logic and reason, dreams big and has the tools and drive to arrive at those dreams. She will be studying engineering in her next chapter, but we all know that’s only the start of where she is going.

Malia, I have no doubt you will live life fully and achieve all your dreams. Thank you for choosing me to be your photographer and bringing me along on your senior year journey. I can’t wait for your next photo session.

Love what you see? Please drop a comment! If you would like to plan a unique senior session of your own contact me and let’s chat about how you dream to be photographed.

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Kaelyn is an easy-going, charming, girl-next-door! She loves music and is in Bentonville chamber choir (BHS). I loved every second spent with her. She laughed through her whole session and the result was such fun and captivating images!

When Kaelyn said she wanted to have balloons in her session, she was speaking my language. I love incorporating fun elements in pictures and what could be more fun than balloons? For her shoot location she wanted water in the background and old, textured walls. We picked Rogers downtown and lake Atalanta for her session and it was just perfect! We even got lucky with a perfect sunset towards the end of the shoot.

I hope you enjoy these images from Kaelyn’s senior session:


High school senior girl holding pastel color balloons

High school senior girl in navy blue dress holding pastel color balloons

high school senior girl in stripped pants and t-shirt

Kaelyn, I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to capture this amazing time in your life and for choosing me to be your senior photographer.

I know you will do amazing things at BYU. I wish you all the best with this new chapter in life.






Amirtha is a Bentonville High School 2018 senior. This girl is the perfect blend of brain, sass, sweetness, beauty and individuality. She is in Bentonville Chamber Orchestra (which rocks btw!), plays piano and wants to pursue computer science as a major in college. Talk about using both left and right side of your brain! I love her respect for her Indian heritage and was thrilled that she wore a sari for her senior session. It’s not everyday that you see a senior girl rocking a sari for her portraits!

When I first met Amirtha at her portrait consultation, I felt like I had already met her. She is so much like my daughter in her “shy at first but a total ball once you get to know her” personality. I loved watching this girl unfold in front of my camera and becoming this confident-in-her-skin, graciously beautiful young lady.

Amirtha didn’t want her senior images to be average and if you know me, you know I love doing anything but average! We started fantasizing and planning about the elegant, glamorous- but-still her look and perfect outfits and locations to achieve just that. I love the outfits we picked out to be photographed in for her session and the locations we chose did wonders for her images. I especially love the spring trees with her bright red dress…just so beautiful!

Here are some of Amirtha’s favorite images from her session.

high school senior girl in a sari

high school senior girl wearing a sari

high school senior girl in a purple tulle skirt, dancing with a waterfall.

high school senior girl wearing a red dress, surrounded by yellow flowers

high school senior girl wearing a red dress, standing with spring trees

I loved spending time with this sweet girl and creating these gorgeous images of her that document her senior year in such a beautiful way. Thanks for trusting me with your senior portraits Amritha! I wish you all the best with your college life. I know you will totally ace the nerd department in whichever university you decide on.




Jasmyrrh is a 2018 senior at Providence Classical Christian Academy in Rogers, NWA. I first met Jasmyrrh during her sweet family’s portrait session last summer. She is a fun, down-to-earth, soft-spoken girl, just like her parents. It’s hard not to become fond of the Cortez family once you meet them.

Jas lives in the moment and is always up for trying something new. When I suggested running and dancing with colorful ribbons for some of her senior pictures, she instantly came on board. Her eyes lit up as she was twirling in a black tutu and colorful ribbons. I’m so excited to share a few of my favorites from her senior portrait session that show her fun, vibrant, friendly, girl-next-door personality, oh so well.

Thanks for choosing me to create your senior portraits, Jas and trusting me with my crazy ideas. I’m so glad you love these images just as much as I do!





Sharae wanted her senior portraits to be fun and one of a kind to show her personality. So the fun route we went with a gaint balloon and bright colors! Her images scream FUN loud and clear.

She’s not just a fun girl, she’s quite a talent in singing. This girl made first chair choir to States. We just had to incorporate her talent in her photo session.

Sharae’s a free spirit who is always up for adventure so when she said she wants to get in the water, I said heck yes! These geese were excited to have a new friend too.

We did all her outdoor pictures in downtown Rogers and the lake Atalanta area  and the studio pictures were done in my Bentonville studio.

Sharae picked our handcrafted leather bound album to savor these memories for many many years. She also decided to get our 11×14 image folio box to put up a framed collage on her walls and use some folio prints for friends and family. She also had to have a giant poster for her room of her balloon picture because it captured her true self the best.

Sharae, thank you for being super fun to spend my day playing dress up and splashing water with. Hope your senior year is your best year yet!

If you are a high school senior and would love to create images like these with me, drop me a line here and let’s chat about your dream shoot.

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