Anil called me inquiring for a family photo session 2 days before the family was supposed to leave for India. We got to working and made it happen! 🙂 I think best things happen when you just jump into it and don’t have time to stress over planning everything perfectly. We decided to do two different looks , Indian ethnic wear and casual outfits. Lake Atalanta in Rogers has always been one of my favorite spots to photograph, and this particular day it did not disappoint. The weather cooperated well and we even got beautiful sunset light. I love how bright and airy these images turned out. After shooting at the lake we went back to the studio to change it up a bit. They decided to wear Indian ethnic clothing for the studio portraits. Indian outfits can brighten up any portrait with their bright colors and grand look and their portraits turned out just stunning. I adore the pictures we got from their session. Here are some of my favorites. I hope you love these too!




I was so looking forward to meeting sweet Maeher after meeting her amazing mom and dad at their portrait consultation. I loved getting to know them and plan out this sweet baby’s first year milestone photo sessions. I just knew their little girl was going to be ridiculously gorgeous. I won’t be surprised if she turns out to be a doctor just like mom and dad (and most of the extended family)! Maeher didn’t want to miss out on anything and tried really hard to not fall asleep. We were able to still get some beautiful images of this sweet babe. The warm studio, white noise and a whole lot of rocking and shushing finally worked on her and allowed me to pose her in some of mom’s favorite props and set ups. Allow me to introduce you to my new little friend, with the yummiest little face, and the prettiest dark hair, Maeher.



We don’t usually see senior people as a face of any main stream brand. Advertisers ignore the 50-plus demographic. They are becoming a forgotten generation not just in media, but sadly in our lives too. This project focuses on these pillars of every family. Let’s photograph our elders, and preserve their legacy for our future generations.

50 days over 50 project is a tribute to my dad where I get to honor the above 50 age group and photograph them in all their charm and glory.


I lost my dad 2.5 months ago. I always wanted to photograph him but I couldn’t see him since I became a photographer, and now I never can. This portrait of my mom that I took 2 years ago is so powerful now and it will only become priceless with time. This will hang on my wall in the most beautiful frame, where I can see it everyday. My daughter can see it everyday and hopefully her daughter someday.

As a tribute to my dad, I’m on a mission to photograph 10 men and women over 50 in next 50 days, starting Feb 1st, 2018. Let me photograph you/your parents/your grandparents.



I absolutely adore this generational portrait of these strong women. Amy wanted to participate in this project to create photographs of her mom and grandma. This is my favorite portrait from their session and when I think how precious this picture will become with time….
This is what makes this life journey meaningful to me.

Marsha and Sarah were a true joy to photograph. With their poise and smiles, they made it so easy for me. This picture of them together is my favorite:

I have known Rosa for 7 years now and this lady is true class! She’s one of the best people I have known and I’m fortunate to call her a friend. Can you tell she’s 61? Bold, beautiful and sexy! I love these portraits of her:

Norman will celebrate his 80th birthday this month! Can you believe it? His energy can put anyone to shame. His sense of humor is so awesome, it’s easy to lost track of time with him. I have photographed his grand daughter, Kara’s family a few times. When Kara came across this project, she approached me wanting to create a portrait of Norman to gift him on his 80th birthday. We didn’t just create a portrait of him, but his beautiful wife, daughter and son-in-law were able to join as well. Happy 80th birthday to Norman!
Check out these magazine worthy images from their session:

Kristi just turned 60 and has so much grace and finesse. She was quite a sport when I asked her to dance as soon as she stepped in front of my camera. I love how her eyes instantly lit up. I love that she loves black and white images too! I’m in love with all these images of her and especially the one with her daughter, Lauren. Every daughter deserves a picture like this of her with her mom. Thank you, Lauren, for letting me photograph your beautiful mom. It was such a pleasure to get to know and photograph her for her 60th birthday celebration.

Then I got to photograph Rose! Wow, I was so touched by her story, strength and the beauty she radiates from within. We take life and time for granted and ignore self-care because really, who has time for it? Rose is a breast cancer survivor and meeting this beautiful lady and hearing her journey really made me realize life is too fragile to not really LIVE. Thank you Rose, for giving me the opportunity to photograph you. I’m humbled and can’t quit counting my blessings to have gotten to know a person like you.

Breast cancer survior in fayetteville ar

Senior citizen in fayetteville arkansas

Beauty portrait of senior citizen in NWA

This project has not only brought me peace but has allowed me to be a better person. I’m thankful for being able to create these memories and beautiful portraits that I know will be cherished for many many years by their loved ones.

This project has filled my heart like none other. I can’t wait to start my next personal project and see where that takes me. I hope you will continue to join me on that journey as well.





I have known the Visser family for about a decade now and they are one of the sweetest families! Sarah called me and said, “Nidhi, I’m ready to hang some beautiful pictures of our family on the walls and I know you will be the best photographer for this!”. I’m so glad she trusted me with these images and absolutely adore how these portraits turned out. Here are some of my favorites from their session at the Crystal Bridges Museum of Art in Bentonville. The Vissers made my job so easy with their adorable smiles and fun personalities. The fur babies cooperated like champs. I love creating complete family portraits with dogs included.

Vissers did great coordinating their outfits. Their session is perfect for outfit ideas for your family pictures. I love how they coordinated, picking one bright color and mixing in with neutrals, without matching exactly with each other.

Here’s the ones we did in the studio for their Christmas cards.

Want to see more family portraits? Click on the Portfolio menu on the top.






Sharae wanted her senior portraits to be fun and one of a kind to show her personality. So the fun route we went with a gaint balloon and bright colors! Her images scream FUN loud and clear.

She’s not just a fun girl, she’s quite a talent in singing. This girl made first chair choir to States. We just had to incorporate her talent in her photo session.

Sharae’s a free spirit who is always up for adventure so when she said she wants to get in the water, I said heck yes! These geese were excited to have a new friend too.

We did all her outdoor pictures in downtown Rogers and the lake Atalanta area  and the studio pictures were done in my Bentonville studio.

Sharae picked our handcrafted leather bound album to savor these memories for many many years. She also decided to get our 11×14 image folio box to put up a framed collage on her walls and use some folio prints for friends and family. She also had to have a giant poster for her room of her balloon picture because it captured her true self the best.

Sharae, thank you for being super fun to spend my day playing dress up and splashing water with. Hope your senior year is your best year yet!

If you are a high school senior and would love to create images like these with me, drop me a line here and let’s chat about your dream shoot.

Check out my senior portfolio here.






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